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Happy #FanFriday! We’re all about offering a welcoming space for kids with different abilities to engage with the ocean. Recently Henry and Catherine, cephalopod super fans with autism, visited with their parents and shared their experience with us. 

“Henry is so inspired to grow up and be a cuttlefish scientist,” said mom Christine. “I really don’t have words for how important this visit was for him and how much it could actually influence his life in a truly meaningful, ongoing way.” 

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(Photos: Christine Rogers)


Neither Dollar Tree in my area have Ghastly Girlfriends or any other gothic dolls. I found one “Frankie Stein” at the same Dollar General where I found “Clawdeen.” Monster High dolls are sold next to the knockoffs at Dollar General and cost 12.95 as opposed to $11 at Family Dollar. Family Dollar doesn’t carry any knockoffs.

I did not like the dress that comes on “Frankie” because it leaves one shoulder bare and looks rather Flintstone-ish. She had pink shoes. No underwear. Have to make another pair of underwear. BUT, they had two sets of outfits WITH SHOES so I bought them too. Now everybody can rotate clothes! The clothes in the first set are black and purple. The clothes in the second set are black, purple and burgundy. From what I’ve read Monster High dolls can wear Gothic Girls/Ghastly Girlfriend clothes so check out Dollar General for clothing sets. The blue mirror in the first set has “Clawdeen’s” face on the back.

Gothic Tales dolls ring up as Ghastly Girlfriends but don’t have the little story on the back of the box.

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