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In just a few days I’ll be doing a Google Hangout for the Pixel Project to support their campaign to stop violence against women. I’m flattered and pleased to have been asked to be a part of their fall “Read for Pixels" program. We’ll be giving away some cool stuff, as well, including a 75-word original short story on a postcard, cos J.K. Rowling did that once and I always thought it was cool. Maybe I’ll write something about those Krazy Kristmasland Kidz.

Take a wander over to the Pixel Project homepage, why don’t you, and learn how you can be a positive force for change.

And I’ll see you over in my Google Hangout on September 5th, at 8PM EST.


For those of you who’ve asked how you can support Medievalpoc:

Become a Medievalpoc Patron!

Medievalpoc is a collection of art, history, and academic resources accessible to anyone. Ph.D. candidates, history educators, fantasy authors, fans of historical media and cultural studies, as well as those who are just interested in learning something different have found new and exciting information at Medievalpoc. These artworks and documentation are readily available on multiple social media platforms, including Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and The goal of Medievalpoc is not to hoard information, but to share it as widely as possible and incite discussion in social as well as activist and educational communities.

Patronage will provide the opportunity to not only bring Medievalpoc to a wider audience online, but the ability to travel for appearances at academic and literary conventions, speak at functions, and facilitate activist work in face-to-face environments. Patronage means more access to databases, art collections, and academic resources for the creation of Medievalpoc. In addition, your patronage can pave the way for exciting new projects across various media, like print, film, and interactive online content—projects Patrons can see in the making.

I look forward to forging a new era of Patron and Creator with my readers in my goal of bringing Art and History to life in a new way-a History in which we can see ourselves.

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