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A true sequel to the original PSO, PSO2 sees all the things you loved about the first game make a come back and more. What’s more? The actual game is free to download and play, with the paid subscriptions only getting you small extras that are hardly game breaking. I had the chance to get in on the Closed Beta a while back and was blown away by how beautiful and fun PSO2 is. I was able to run the game quite well on my late 2011 Macbook Air, so most systems should be fine.

The Open Beta starts on June 21 in Japan, and if the last beta was any indication, there will be no region block. If you download the client here and make a Sega account (registration guide), you’ll be able to play regardless of where you live. Characters from this test will carry over into the full game, so now is a perfect time to get your questing on. The Open Beta begins at 4:00pm in Japan on Thursday. 

The unofficial English server is on Ship 2


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